Museum of History, Kardzhali

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Location - Republicanska Str.4, Kardzhali.

Description of site - The Regional History Museum in the town of Kardzhali is one of the largest museums in Southern Bulgaria. A municipality-funded project. It was built in the period 1922-1930. It was designed by a Russian achitect who worked in Constantinople. Initially, building was intended for a Muslim religious school, but has never perfomed this function.

Opened in 1965 artifacts that trace back the life of the Eastern Rhodopes from ancient times to the begining of the 20th century. The exhibition was open to visitors in 1987 and occupies 1800 square meters space it three floors. The building has a courtyard with a water are of 15 acres. Twenty-two plant species, unique for the region of southern Bulgaria, have been planted. The museum has three sections - Archeology, Ethnology and Nature. Each section occupies a separate floor with rooms devoted to different themes .