The Statue of Orpheus

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Location - at entrance of the town of Kardzhali

Description of site - At the very entrance of the town of Kardzhali, coming down from the towns of Haskovo and Plovdiv, majestic stands the statue of Orpheus - the ancient Greek mythical Thracian singer - the symbol of the Eastern Rhodope and the town of Kardzhali, and according to the myths and legends, he was born, raised and created art here. Before being placed at the entrance of the town of Kardzhali, the monument loomed large near the village of Panichkovo, but it was bent in the knees in an attempt of theft. At the same time, the idea comes to mind for the brass statue to be moved to a secured location. Not long after taking a short survey, Orpheus takes its place at the entrance of the town of Kardzhali. The unveiling of the statue was in June, 2005. The initiative to be restored and moved, after beeing demolished, at that location was one of Rotary Club-Kardzhali. Krum Damyanov is its sculptor. A special platform and stairs for easy access were built around the monument. The statue is being lit at night and is even more beautiful. The statue of Orpheus in Kardzhali greets and sends off the visitors of the town!