The Stone Mushrooms

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Name of site - Orlovi skali Thracian sanctuary is a cultural monument of national importance.

Access to site - It is located 2.1km south of Ardino. There is a marked trail to it. There is a gazebo and fountain with drinking water

Description of site - Orlovi skali Thracian sanctuary is located in Ardino. Orlovi skali is a group of prominent volcanic rocks. They are located on a very steepy mountainous terrain at an altitude of about 760m. They are located on a slope facing west. The height of the rocks reaches up to 25m above the surrounding terrain

Trapezoidal niches were caved in some inaccessible parts of the rocks. Ninety-seven of them have been preserved. Fifty-five are located on the west side. Five of six of them have either been weathered or may not have been completed at all. There are thirty-five on the south side and five on the north. On the east side, which is inaccessible, five or six have been weathered. No regularity has been complied with when they were arranged. The ancient stonecutter used any convenient location close to a single or group of holes in the soft volcanic rock. The shape of each one is trapezoidal while the sizes are quite different.

Despite the numerous suggestions regarding their use and date of origin, their secret message remains unrevealed. The ruins of an ancient Thracian fortress known as the Kaleto can be seen nearby (at the height before you reach the niches).